We are on a roll with role models at the moment!! Did you listen to last week’s podcast on why it’s so important to have role models with lived experiencecheck it out here.

One of my biggest role models is Dean Beadle, an autistic speaker and trainer. Dean is a proud promoter of the autistic voice, encouraging and empowering other autistic people to share their experiences and insights too. I am a huge fan of Dean’s work and have toured with him in the past. He is so inspiring and I’m sure you will all enjoy listening to Dean’s personal experience and insight as much as I did!


What this Podcast Contains:

✅ Autistic identity – follow Dean’s personal account of reclaiming his own identity
✅ Why Dean doesn’t like the word “label” and why we should call it a diagnosis
✅ The negative narrative which surrounds autism and how to positively reframe it
✅ How to make children the solution to behaviour rather than blaming them
✅ The impact of anxiety

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Want to Hear More from Dean Beadle?

Dean Discusses Depressive Meltdowns

What Signs to Look out For to Indicate Depressive Meltdowns

What can we do about Depressive Meltdowns?

✅ Excerpt from Q&A with Dean Beadle – Lived Experience of Depressive Meltdown

Fabulous resources I have found helpful when trying to understand what Depressive Meltdowns are and What to do to

Teacher Assistant Course – Part 2

Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Neurodiverse Students
Presented by Dean Beadle

This course is designed for Teacher Assistants to help support students with diverse needs to engage and learn. Dean Beadle uses his lived experience as an Autistic person, and knowledge training 1000s of school staff to provide strategies and ideas to meet the needs and Neurodiverse of students.

This is a companion course to the first Teacher Assistant Course.

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Sharing Diagnosis – Why, When and How to tell my Child
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✅ Using Cooking to Teach – Teaching Diversity through Food
✅ 6 Key Strategies for Creating a Calming Area at School and Home
✅ 12 Essential Tips for Concerts and End of Year Celebrations
Stocking Filler Ideas
✅ Give the Gift of Visual Time – Using Timers to Minimise Stress
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