Episode 120: Strategies & Insights to Inform your Teaching Practice with Temple Grandin and Sue Larkey


This FREE Ebook and Webinar are focused on Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum – Strategies & Insights to Inform your Teaching Practice with Temple Grandin and Sue Larkey. They are designed for Educators to use lived experience and evidence-based research to increase engagement and participation for their students with Autism Spectrum. The free Webinar is also the first lesson in my BRAND NEW Temple Grandin and Sue Larkey Course – check it out if you enjoy the Webinar!


Another FREE E-book with 100+ Tips & Strategies!

Download the free E-book so you can read along while I explain in this week’s Podcast.

What you will learn:

  • An Inspirational Story: Strategies Behind Temple Grandin’s Amazing Successful Life.
  • The 9 Compelling Reasons To Use Visuals to Communicate
  • How to Use Visuals to Increase Engagement and Participation.
  • Strategies to Use Special Interest to Motivate and Engage Students.
  • Sue Larkey’s #1 Essential Tip to Keep A Student On Task
  • 8 Subtle Signs of Anxiety To Look For in Your Students
  • Learn how to Harness the Power of the Preventative Breaks
  • Teaching Cognitive Flexibility: the cornerstone to problem solving and engagement.
  • 11 Key Practical Methods to Decrease Frustration in Your Students.
  • Simple Plan to Promote Understanding of Autism in your Classroom/Community.
  • The Missing Step in making Lunchtime Clubs/Passive Playgrounds more Successful.
  • 12 Simple Communications Temptations to Incorporate into your Day

PLUS Free Online Webinar

Don’t forget this free training Webinar is the first lesson in my NEW Temple Grandin and Sue Larkey Course!

Lesson 1: Knowing How and When to Extend Your Students on the Spectrum (Stretching) – 40 Minutes

You Will Learn:

  • Guide to Manage Anxiety and Behaviour when Extending your Students’ Abilities
  • Key Methods to Extend using ‘real’ choices
  • Critical Importance of Exposing Students to a Range of New Activities
  • Strategies to use when your Students say ‘No’ to trying New Things
  • Insights on How Long to Persist with New Activities
  • Key Steps to Teaching Persistence
  • Strategies to Teach Students the Importance of Making Mistakes

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