Top 10 Teacher Assistant Resources

Fantastic Resources for busy teachers wanting to help children with autism emotional regulation. Check out these highly recommended tools for a teacher aside.

The Ultimate Guide to School and Home

Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas

| by Sue Larkey and Anna Tullemans | This book provides key strategies for all ages and stages. It offers over 500 practical strategies and timer savers for school and home from engaging disengaged students, what to do if you don’t have a teacher assistant to considerations for setting up a classroom for teachers; and from developing friends, to moving house and choosing a school for families. It is the ultimate guide for teachers, parents and all professionals supporting children with autism spectrum disorder, including Aspergers, ADD, ADHD, ODD and other developmental delays.

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| by Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans | Hundreds of ideas you can try. Setting up the classroom, the role of the teacher assistant, behaviour in the classroom and playground, stages of anxiety, transition, sensory toys and activities. Includes frequently asked questions and MORE!

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Portable Schedule with Digital Timer

Developing Social Skills

Portable Schedule with Digital Timer | Links visual schedules with a time frame. Great for routines, concept of time, pre-warns how long until finish, self monitoring and more! Choose from the colours below.

| by Sue Larkey & Gay von Ess | A starting point for teaching and encouraging social interactions and skills for children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. It is a useful concrete and visual resource which when coupled with videoing, role playing and modeling will help young primary school age children with an autism spectrum disorder to better understand the social world around them. This book includes hundreds of ideas, social stories and worksheets. It is a great resource full of time savers for home and school.

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Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book of Ideas

The Motor Skill Flip-Book Program

Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book of Ideas | by Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans | code: B16 | Companion to the Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas. Hundreds of new strategies to try. Social skills: playgrounds, friendships, building self esteem, bullying. In the classroom: getting on task, adapting tasks and exams, building independence. Managing anxiety and behaviour.

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| by Sally McNamara  –  An easy-to-use resource for therapists, teachers, aides and parents. Developed by a paediatric occupational therapist in response to demand for quick and easy motor skill programs for children. Five colour-coded areas of motor development incorporating the whole body; including core strength, shoulder stability, gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination, and pencil control skills. 100 mix and match activities of varying degrees of difficulty that can be tailored to each child, or group of children, quickly and easily. Beneficial for children who experience handwriting difficulties as well as general coordination and motor development issues. Star system allows for evaluation of skill level and the ability to track progress and set goals.

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The Essential Guide to Secondary School

Porcupine Ball

The Essential Guide to Secondary School | by Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans | code: B02 | Practical guide to secondary school. Includes proformas to photocopy and save you time. Keeping on task, motivation, exams, assignments, sports days and more. Ideas from homework, excursions, curriculum ideas and hundreds of strategies to use! This book has over 100 pages of proven ideas and strategies.

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It is ideal for sensory play, as a fidget toy, supporting fine and gross motor skills. The balls are highly tactile while still being light and easy for kids to catch and throw. They have a keyring so you can attach visuals to support communication too. Useful for all ages.

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The Kids’ Guide to Getting Your Words on Paper

Time Timer MOD – Charcoal Colour

| by Lauren Brukner | Does your hand ache when you write? Packed with fun and simple ideas to help kids feel good about writing, this handwriting book with a difference helps children embed the strength and skills they need to get the most out of their written work, at home and school! Armed with the strategies and exercises in this book, kids will be well on their way to writing with greater ease, and the positive self-esteem that goes along with that. Suitable for children with writing difficulties aged approximately 7 to 12.

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Portable and quiet with a protective cover, the Time Timer MOD is a great way to promote efficient time management at work, school and home. The Time Timer MOD is approximately 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm and suits the more ‘destructible’ child. Comes with a charcoal cover – optional coloured covers (blue, berry or green) sold separately.

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