Top 10 Books To Help Make A Difference

There are so many resources now available to help teach children on the autism spectrum and it can be difficult to know which ones will be the most helpful – and this is a question I am most often asked.

So here is my TOP 10 RECOMMENDED BOOKS and WHY!

Top Books for those of you looking for support in understanding autism spectrum and the children you work with. As well as strategies for behaviour support my top recommendations are:

From Anxiety to Meltdown | by Deborah Lipsky.

Anxiety is the root cause of many of the difficulties experienced by people on the autism spectrum, and is often caused by things such as a change in routine, or sensory overload. Deborah Lipsky takes a practical look at what happens when things spiral out of control, exploring what leads to meltdowns and tantrums, and what can be done to help.

This is the BEST book I have ever read and I rate it a MUST HAVE.

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Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom | by Aune, Burt & Gennaro. This book is a must-have for every special needs and inclusive classroom. The easy to use format allows teachers to quickly look up an in-the-moment solution and learn about what the child is communicating, and why. This book illuminates possible causes of those mysterious behaviours, and more importantly, provides solutions! There are now two other books with more solutions

I call this SEE A BEHAVIOUR, LOOK IT UP. This is a great reference book to have on hand. ALL behaviours are replaced by another and this book gives you great ideas for replacements and skills to develop.

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Top Books To Support Learning

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