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Discussed in this episode

Today I will be interviewing Chris Bonnello! Chris is an autistic former primary school teacher and author of the popular website Autistic Not Weird. 

When Chris was ten an educational pscyhologist came to assess him. It was 1995 so the professional psychologist wrote down “slightly odd personality” on his form and that’s where it ended.

Growing up on the spectrum can be difficult. Chris discusses this in the podcast and also how to uses his autistic strengths to change his life.

Chris’ book has been nominated for a Not Booker Prize this year. Check it out here

In my interview with Chris we discuss

[3.30] >> How Chris didn’t set out to be a positive autism advocate, he was just being honest about his lived experience 

[9.10] >> How when Chris found out he was autistic it was a relief 

[10.53] >> Before a diagnosis Chris was exhausted trying to fit in to everyone else’s expectations 

[11.42] >> The importance of a strong support network 

[15.07] >> How Chris used his skills from chess to stop having a panic attack 

[19.46] >> How going to chess club once a week enabled Chris to stay positive

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