Learn from The Spectrum and Entering Working World Today!

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Discussed in this episode

Today I will be interviewing Yenn Purkis. Yenn is an autistic author, speaker and advocate. Yenn is an avid writer not only writing fabulous books but also has a wonderful blog (check it out here). Yenn has authored numerous books covering everything from Women with AS, Mental Health, Education and more which are all available on my website.       

I find Yenn’s writings and weekly quotes a source of insight, understanding & inspiration. Yenn has a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and atypical schizophrenia.

For me, Yenn’s sharing of their mental health challenges helps me support the students I know and their families.

Two years ago Yenn affirmed that they are non-binary and changed their name from Jeanette to Yenn. I am just letting you all know, as many of their books are under the name ‘Jeanette Purkis’ and I would hate for you to miss out on their wonderful resources.

Today we are going to focus on the book I use all the time & highly recommend called “The Wonderful World of Work”

In my interview with Yenn we discuss
✅ How to support young people to find employment

✅ Thriving (not just surviving) in the workplace
✅ Whether to disclose a diagnosis when applying for a job

✅ Autism acceptance and focusing on strengths

⭐️ Want more on Yenn? Follow their wonderful facebook page filled with great memes and quotes here 

Learn from The Spectrum and Entering Working World Today!

12 Top Tips for Young People on the Spectrum to Transition to Work

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