Start Discussing Puberty and Periods for Neurodiversity Today!

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Discussed in this episode

This week I have interviewed Robyn Steward, an autistic author, who has written one of my favourite puberty books ever “The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods”.

Don’t stop reading if you have a son or teach a boy!
They need to learn about Periods too.
In the blog I have included my must have books for boys also about Puberty.

If you have or teach a girl on the spectrum this book is an absolute must-have. This is the first book about about periods specifically for people with autism and it provides an alternative to talking about the issue, as many adults would feel uncomfortable discussing this topic in the level of detail many autistic young people will need.

In my interview with Robyn we discuss
✅The importance of sharing accurate information about Periods
✅What to tell, how to tell about Periods
✅Why it is important to share with boys/men so they understand too

⭐️Bonus.. a fascinating chat about “Stimming” too

Also discussed in this episode: Sue Larkey Cook Books and the importance of teaching cooking

Start Discussing Puberty and Periods for Neurodiversity Today!

  • The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods


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