Growing Up Autistic: 11 Tips for Teenagers with Autism by Chris Bonnello



I was the weird kid.

More specifically, I was the boy with Asperger Syndrome before anyone knew what Asperger Syndrome was.

When I was ten, an educational pscyhologist came to assess me. Today one of those assessments would give me an immediate diagnosis, and my parents and teachers would be offered advice on how to help me where I struggled.

But of course, it was 1995. So this professional pscyhologist wrote down “slightly odd personality” on his form and that’s where it ended. (I’m not kidding, that is a literal quote from the report he wrote and submitted).

Growing up on the autism spectrum can be difficult. Especially if, as I’ve described before, you’re on the “mild” end of the spectrum – ‘normal enough’ for people to have high expectations of you, but just ‘autistic enough’ to really struggle to achieve them.

If you’re growing up on the spectrum, these tips were written for you. I grew up with autism myself: I struggled with isolation, I struggled with understanding other people, and I struggled with other people not understanding me.

So, from one autistic to another, here is my honest advice to you.

Top 11 Tips for Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum

1.   Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone.

2.   The only person who can decide who you are is you.

3.   Sometimes your pace and methods will be different, and that’s totally fine.

4.   Once your school days are over, they’re over forever.

5.   Find the places where you can play to your strengths.

6.   Don’t blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault.

7.   If you need help, ask for it.

8.   Everyone else finds things difficult too.

9.   I’d rather be happy than normal.

10. Remember how much you’re loved.

11. Finally, listen to other people’s advice.

Want to read more explanation on these tips?

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