Episode 75: Dean Beadle Discusses Autistic Identity and What It Means for Him

Discussed in this episode

Today I will be interviewing Dean Beadle! Dean has toured the UK and the world for fifteen years as an autistic speaker and trainer.

Dean is also a proud promoter of the autistic voice, encouraging and empowering other autistic people to share their experiences and insights too. I am a huge fan of Dean’s work and have toured with him in the past. He is a great friend and inspirational speaker and I’m sure you will all enjoy listening to Dean’s personal experience and insight as much as I did!

In this episode Dean meantions the Department of Autistic Research and Technology (DART) who are affiliated with Edinburgh University and have large amount of research on autism and people with autism. Dean mentions a small part of their research in this episode and I found it absolutely fascinating so have linked the group here in case any of you would also like to find out more about it!

In my interview with Dean we discuss

✅ Autistic identity – follow Dean’s personal account of reclaiming his own identity

✅ Why Dean doesn’t like the word “label” and why we should call it a diagnosis

✅ The negative narrative which surrounds autism and how to positively reframe it

✅ How to make children the solution to behaviour rather than blaming them

✅ The impact of anxiety

Want more of Dean? Follow his social media (as you may have heard he is releasing a new song on his Facebook page soon, so keep at eye out for that!)
⭐️ Dean’s Facebook Page

⭐️ Dean’s Instagram

⭐️ Dean’s Youtube Channel

⭐️ Dean’s Twitter

Recommended Resources about Autistic Identity

Best Books to Explain Autism/ADHD/Neurodiversity to Children

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  • The Red Beast

  • The Disappointment Dragon

  • The Panicosaurus

  • I am an Aspie Girl

  • Gus the Asparagus

  • My Friend with Autism (Enhanced Edition)

  • The Green-Eyed Goblin

  • All Birds have Anxiety

  • The Conversation Train

  • Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

  • All Cats Are On the Autism Spectrum UPDATED and REVISED

  • Winston Wallaby Can’t Stop Bouncing

  • It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

  • All Dogs Have ADHD UPDATED and REVISED

  • Super Shamlal – Living and Learning with Pathological Demand Avoidance 

  • Jasper and the Magpie: Enjoying special interests together


Books written by Autistic Authors to Explain Autism

  • Thinking in Pictures

  • The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods


Books for Autistic Teenagers

  • The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide

  • The Asperkids Secret Book of Social Rules

  • The Asperger Teen’s Toolkit

  • Autism, Bullying and Me



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