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Welcome to our blog exploring Temple Grandin teaching strategies. Temple Grandin is a renowned figure in the field of autism and education, known for her unique perspective and groundbreaking contributions. In this episode, we will delve into the strategies behind her amazing success and how they can be applied in the classroom.

Temple Grandin Educational Methods

We will learn about the power of visual communication and how to use special interests to engage students. You will discover new ways to motivate and support learners.

Temple Grandin Instructional Techniques

We will delve into important topics such as identifying signs of anxiety, implementing preventative breaks, and overcoming participation barriers. Additionally, we will provide you with a wealth of resources and sensory tools to help bring these techniques to life. Get ready to take your teaching to the next level!”

What you will learn in this Episode:

An Inspirational Story: Strategies Behind Temple Grandin’s Amazing Successful Life.

9 Reasons to Use Visuals to Communicate

✅ Strategies to Use Special Interests to Motivate and Engage Students

8 Subtle Signs of Anxiety to Look For in Your Students

✅ How to Harness to Power of Preventitive Breaks 

✅ 3 BIG Barriers to Participation Every Educator needs to Rule Out

✅ Heaps of Resources and Sensory Tools

Free E-Book with over 100 Tips & Strategies 

In this Free E-Book – Sensory Strategies for Educators to Increase Engagement in a Busy & Complex Classroom

  1. What Role do Sensory Solutions have in De-escalating Behaviour & Increasing Participation?
  2. Benefits of a Simple Sensory Programme in your Classroom
  3. What is SPD?
  4. How to Identify Students who could have SPD
  5. Checklist to Identify Underlying Sensory Causes of Behaviour
  6. The MOST Overlooked Sensory Tools & How to use
  7. Quickfire Solutions to Implement this Week

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