Episode 098: My Child Just Got Diagnosed with Autism

In this week’s podcast I discuss

  • Moving Forward verses Moving On
  • How to create an  ‘Elevator Pitch”
  • What to do when people offer “advice”
  • Why grief is different for everyone


Further Tipsheets and podcasts on diagnosis

8 Strategies for Self-Care

Excerpt from page 122 of The Ultimate Guide to Home and School By Sue Larkey

It’s important that parents/carers look after themselves and other relationships when looking after someone on the autism spectrum.

Taking care of yourself is not being selfish, it’s a necessity. Don’t feel guilty for wanting some time out! Being emotionally strong allows you to be the best parent you can be for your child.

Deal with stress in a positive way. My main tip is to prepare yourself for situations that will cause you stress and have pre-prepared answers /actions to use in stressful situations.

Use respite services when they available to you (don’t feel guilty about leaving your child there). Call on grandparents/friends for a cuppa or for babysitting. Use counselling services
which are available to you. Sometimes just talking to someone from outside the situation can help.

  • Join a support group with other likeminded people who will understand (e.g. Sue Larkey Parent/Carer Facebook Group). Other parents will always listen to you as they are ‘in the same boat.’ Joining a group will help you deal with your feelings. Your emotions of anxiety for your child or guilt are a normal part of parenting a child with needs. Use these emotions in a positive way to motivate yourself for your child and your family.

  • Plan and incorporate into your day some exercise/yoga/walking/walking. Make sure you have some rest and don’t skip meals when you’re tired.

  • Learn to laugh even at the embarrassing moments.

  • Have at least one outside interest -maybe a craft group/gym group/coffee morning group/reading club.
  • Don’t expect too much from friends

  • Be easy on yourself. We all make mistakes. Practice using positive self-talk until it sticks.

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