Episode 111: Webinar Replay – Teaching Neurodiverse Students in Your Busy and Complex Classroom


My Live Virtual Webinar last week was a success! But it’s not too late if you missed it – sign up HERE to watch the Replay of the hour of power!

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What will you learn in the Webinar?

✔️ Key Limitations in Inclusive Classrooms & How to Address
✔️ Theory of Mind & Impact in your classroom
✔️ 3 Essential Requirements for Success in Busy Classrooms
✔️ Tips to Promoting Understanding in your class
✔️ What is Neurodiversity & How does that look for your students?
✔️ Smart Goals and Why Important
✔️ 11 Top Tips to Keep Neurodiverse Students on Task in Busy & Complex classrooms


Excerpt from the free E-book Teaching Neurodiverse Students in your Busy and Complex Classroom by Sue Larkey

My favourite technique for class work tasks and exams is “The Traffic Light Strategy” This allows students to visually differentiate their own work based on difficulty.

Here is how I explain it to students:

“In a test/exam or class work it is best you start with the easy questions. Sometimes those questions are in the middle or the page, or sometimes they are at the end. You don’t have to do the work in order, start with what you “can do” as this helps your brain get ready to have a go at more difficult questions. If you start with the hard questions your brainstarts to “freeze,” “worry,” or even “panic” so then you feel like you can’t do the work. So if you use the traffic light system you can actually sometimes do questions you thought you didn’t know how to do. So start with green/go, then do yellow/caution and then red/have a go even though hard.”

Read through the exam and mark each question:

  • Red mark: I don’t know where to start with this question
  • Orange mark: I’m not sure about this question, but I can attempt it
  • Green mark: I know how to answer this

Start with answering the questions marked green, then orange THEN red.

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