How to use Video Modelling to support Neurodiversity at School & Home (ASD, PDA, ODD, ADHD)

Video Modeling and Neurodiversity!


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Special Guest Mum of a beautiful boy with autism and a Primary school Principal shares about video modelling and neurodiversity, including:

✅  How she used video modelling to help her son understand a “Playdate”

✅ The power of commenting to help children understand the situation – what is happening, what to do and more

✅ Using Mr Bean to help his son go to the dentist

✅ A wonderful lesson plan to use to explain Autism to your class

✅ A beautiful Poem that would be great to share with your community too


Poem by Renae

AN AMAZING BRAIN WRITΤΕΝ BY RENAE DUNLEAVY 2022 Everybody has a brain, deep inside their head A brain keeps you alive and is working even when you are in bed. It helps you understand the world. It helps you listen and speak It helps you sort the things you see and feel and smell each week. Now every brain is different, they don't work all the same Some brains are good at sorting out light, sound, smells and names But some brains can get flooded with all the things that come their way And when that happens a person can feel a lot of pain. When our senses send the information to our brain Some brains can sort it out and send it on its way But some brains can have trouble, sorting through it all And that brain can feel overwhelmed, scared, hurt and more Autism is a special word we use when a brain is different An autistic person might find everyday things difficult They might find it hard to talk or sit in a crowd They might find the tiniest sounds very harsh and loud An autistic person might not like it when the lights are bright Because the light might hurt their eyes and even affect their sight They might not like certain foods and they can seem quite fussy But that's because some foods can actually make them feel very yucky
An autistic person might need lots of space to feel calm And they might find talking to people really, really hard Going to a party might be fun for you and me But for an autistic person that can be as scary as can be An autistic person might communicate in different ways But that doesn't mean they don't have anything to say An autistic person may not always look you in the eye But they want to have friends, just like you and I An autistic person might sometimes feel frustrated, stressed or worried And things that may seem little to you cause them to get angry in a hurry. An autistic person may need help and time to settle down And friends like you and me can help by being there without a frown Having Autism means that person has a most amazing brain With a mind that remembers things so well, time and time again An Autisic person likes special things, they love to talk them through And love to share these interests with friends like me and you Having Autism is hard because not everyone can see How an autistic person might struggle and sometimes want to flee Because their senses are on overload and they might be in pain But they try their best to hide that pain time and time again And when an autistic person is hiding all that stress It can build up and up inside them, even though they try their best This is called masking and it's sometimes hard for us to see That a person with Autism needs lots of help from friends like you and me So if you know an autistic person, it's important, don't forget That they might do things differently, but make sure that you don't let That stop you from understanding and letting other people know That autistic people are amazingly different - and aren't we all just so?