Episode 127: Using Games to Teach – Part 2: Social Skills, Emotional Regulation and More



Part 2 of Using Games to Teach – check out Part 1 here. Games are great for teaching kids social skills, including winning & losing, turn-taking, sharing, and much more.

What this podcast contains:

✅ “Emotional Literacy” explained

✅ Why talking about your own emotions is important

✅ Sue reads an excerpt from the book, The Red Beast (check out my podcast where I interveiw the author here)

✅ How to use the Socially Speaking Boardgame at home & school

✅ How to make your own fun Emotion Game the whole family /class will love


Check out my previous podcasts on Social Skills:

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Download the visual below here

  • Great Sensory Books & Tools:

    From: $3.00
  • Other Great Books by Kay Al-Ghani:

    From: $31.95

More Resources on Social Skills & Emotional Regulation

  • Developing Social Skills

  • Socially Speaking Board Game

  • Sale!

    The Early Years: The Foundations For All Learning

  • The New Social Story Book

  • Why Do I Have To?

  • How to Stop Your Words Bumping into Someone Else’s

  • Socially Speaking

  • The Social Skills Picture Book: Teaching play, emotion & communication to children with autism

  • Both Cook Books and Teaching Manual

  • The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide

  • The Asperkids Secret Book of Social Rules

  • What did you say? What did you mean?



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