How to Use The Red Beast to Teach Children About Anger with K.I. Al-Ghani


Today I will be interviewing K.I. Al-Ghani. Kay is a lecturer in autism spectrum at the University of Brighton, Autism Transer, Specialist Teacher, Author of multiple books and most importantly, mother of a son wtih autism who will soon be 35!

Kay is the author of many books but the one which most of you will know best is “The Red Beast: Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger’s Syndrome”. Kay’s other books help children understand anxiety, disappointment, jealously, ADHD and her most recent book focuses on PDA.

All her books are available on my website and below 

In my interview with Kay we discuss
✅ How Kay was inspired to write by one of her students who had violent rages and they couldn’t find the trigger 

✅ How Kay got her son to draw as a method of communication when he was younger and how this has now developed into his job as an adult
✅ The three A’s (attention, affection and approval) and why you need them to succeed

This PDF on Helping ALL children to understand and regulate their own feelings of anger, anxiety, jealousy and disappointment” is used in my Emotional Regulation Masterclass (from Module 2 Lesson 8) 

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K.I. Al-Ghani’s wonderful books to explain emotions (bundle offer this week only!)


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  • The Red Beast

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  • The Disappointment Dragon

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  • Winston Wallaby Can’t Stop Bouncing

  • Super Shamlal – Living and Learning with Pathological Demand Avoidance 

  • Are You Feeling Cold, Yuki?



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