Episode 108: Understanding Screen Addition with ADHD Expert Simon Da Roza


A lot of parents have asked me how to deal with screen addictions in their nuerodiverse children. This is especially important during the holidays, so this week in the podcast I speak with ADHD expert Simon Da Roza about executive functioning and managing screen time.

Learn how to reduce from 16 hours a day to just 1!

4 Types of Screen Addiction

By Simon Da Roza

Escape and create – e.g. Minecraft
Gaming – solo or social
Internet – rabbit-holes e.g. youtube
Group  chats

What to do!

Ownership: make sure the child realises there is a problem so they can start working to fix it. Try getting them to guess how many hours a day they spend on a screen before checking with them. Encourage them to set targets for themself.

Plan B: encourage the child to consider other options – different ways they can spend their time to maximise a healthy brain:

  • Learning
  • Attitude
  • Exercise
  • Down time
  • Sleep
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Connection – with family, friends and nature
  • Routine
  • Diet
  • A team the child can work with
  • Medication

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS): more information here.

More advice: listen now!

Download this visual here.

Executive functioning

What is it and why does it matter?

Listen to my previous podcast for more information about executive functioning.

Read my previous blog for 7 strategies to improve executive functioning.

Test your own executive functioning here!

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