Teaching in a busy and complex classroom is always difficult, and with 30 children to look after, there is not always time to give neurodiverse children the support they need.

I am hoping to help you with a New E-Book, Webinar & Podcast – ALL FREE – filled with quick tips and strategies to make sure your kids are getting the most out of the amazing work you do! I am also running live virtual workshops again this term! Check them out below.


Brand new FREE E-book with 100+ Tips & Strategies

Download the free E-book so you can read along while I explain in this week’s Podcast.

What you will learn:

✅ 8 Key Strategies to Embrace Difference
✅ Recommendation for Girls with Autism Spectrum
✅ Why Kids on the Spectrum are More Likely to be Perfectionists and What You can do to Support them
✅ Anxiety, ASD and the Power of Preventative Breaks
✅ Successful Strategies and Adjustments for Tests and Exams
✅ How to Engage Disengaged Students with Autism, ADHD and Neurodiversity
✅ Executive Functioning

Wednesday 28th April I have a FREE Live Virtual Webinar about

How To Teach Nuerodiverse Students in a Busy and Complex Classroom

Join me for: 1 HOUR OF POWER 4:00 – 5:00PM (AEST)

If you can’t make it on the day, make sure you still register so you can watch the replay on-demand!

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