Supporting Children with getting Immunisations and the COVID Vaccine


In Australia, COVID-19 vaccinations are in the process of being rolled out. If you are worried about your children getting vaccinated, I have found an amazing social story resource from Centre for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities which I have been given permission to share. Don’t forget to bring your timer! Check out my book below for more information.

Check out the original pdf here! These social stories have also been adapted to include audio narration.

Centre for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities has so many other great resources too, including:

✅ COVID-19 Vaccination Allocation Plan for people with disabilities

✅ FAQs on the COVID-19 Vaccine

✅ And more!

Don’t forget you need to wait for at least 15 minutes after getting your vaccination before leaving – make sure you have your time timers so you are ready!

Time management = anxiety management!

  • Time Timer – 20cm Medium

  • Time Timer – 7.6cm Small

  • Portable Schedule with Digital Timer

  • Time Timer PLUS

  • Time Timer Watch Plus – Youth

  • Time Timer Watch Plus – Adult

  • Time Timer Watch Plus – Youth (Berry Pink)

  • Time Timer Watch Plus – Youth (Lime Green)

  • Time Timer Watch Plus – Youth (Blue)

  • Time Timer MOD – Charcoal Colour


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Content pages below.


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