Sue Larkey Complete Newsletter Term 1 2016

12 Tips for Success

Many of you may just be finding out who the students are in your class or who is your child’s teacher. This is a great time to catch up on my Time Savers and Proven Practical Strategies if the student has an ASD, ADHD, ADD, ODD or SPD diagnosis.

This Newsletter contains 

  • How to Make the Biggest Difference in 2016                         
  • 9 Key Strategies to Promote Understanding in the Classroom 
  • Help Children Embrace Difference                                   
  • 14 Key Strategies for Managing Ipads and Tablets                                     
  • NEW Online Learning                 
  • Quick Results in Secondary School: 6 Key Strategies              
  • 9 Essential Strategies for Homework                                     
  • Key Strategy – Transition from One Activity to Another                                            
  • Creating Dream Teams
  • 8 Key Strategies for Working with Families                            
  • Top 12 Tips for Setting Up for Success in 2016           
  • Upcoming Workshops            
  • Upcoming workshops to give educators, all ASD professionals, and families training and understanding about ASD.


– I’m not coming to your region/country or

– difficult to get a Relief Teacher, or

– been to one of my Live Workshop and looking for a refresher, or

– want the information NOW?


1. Free 40 minute Webinar – 1st Feb to 14 Feb

2. Online Workshop 5 x 1 hour (Accredited) – Available 15th Feb to 28 Mar 16 – Same content as my Live Workshops

Click this link for Online Learning –

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