Episode 133: Strategies for Support Workers – Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans

A new E-Book: Top Strategies for Support Workers – Top Tips for Supporting Adults with Autism Spectrum

This free E-Book is full of tip sheets and ideas to assist support workers in looking after adults on the autism spectrum. This E-Book also perfectly compliments a brand new book by Anna Tullemans and Sue Larkey: A Manual to Provide Support and Care for Adults with Autism Spectrum.


Discussed in this Podcast

✅ Why we have written this new book for Support Workers, Participants, and their Families/Carers
❤️ The changes we have seen in Disabilities Services and Autism Spectrum. From Institutions to Individualised Programmes – From Autism being considered part of Schizophrenia to having separate diagnosis in DSM 3 in the 1980s to today where we use the term  Autism Spectrum Disorders.
⭐️ Why Switching Tasks can be Challenging and what you can do Support Participants
📌 Adaptive Skills – Why they are important for Capacity Building and Independence
⭐️ Importance of Self Advocacy and using the “This is Me” Proforma in the new book
✅ How Building Independence & Participant Participation underpins our New Book

Who is Anna Tullemans?

Anna Tullemans completed an Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management and provides assistance and practical strategies for all ages and stages on the Autism Spectrum. Her passion for Autism Spectrum stems from her personal experience when her now adult son was diagnosed at the age of six.

Her work includes helping implement many practical strategies for students in mainstream primary and secondary schools, as well as adults with supported living arrangements. She holds a University Certificate in Autism Spectrum from the University of Birmingham, England, as well as a Diploma of Education Support (Australia).

She is passionate about providing opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum to achieve their goals, and encourage an independent life and involvement in the community.

Find out more information here. Visit her website here. 

What’s in it for Me?

Download the free E-book so you can read along while I explain in this week’s Podcast. Don’t miss out on the all the Tips & Strategies it contains!

What you will learn:

  • The Specific Skills for the role of Support Workers for Participants with Autism Spectrum
  • 5 Top Tips for Supporting Adults on Autism Spectrum
  • Your Number 1 tool to Success: Routine & Schedules
  • Strategies to Support Participants when there is Unexpected Change
  • A Key Concept to Develop Independence and Capacity Building
  • How to support Self Advocacy using Functional Skills
  • What are Adaptive Skills and Why Important to Incorporate in Individual Support

A Manual To Provide Support and Care for Adults with Autism Spectrum

This is a guide to help support workers to individualise support for each participant in order to help them gain independence, self-reliance and community inclusion.

What’s in it for me?

  • Over 80 pages
  • Over 500 Tips & Strategies to provide guidance for adaptations, modifications and understanding to meet the goals of participants
  • Build your expertise to encourage participants to make decisions, find their strengths and use them as building blocks to develop skills


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