SLP 060: Have you got questions? I’ve got A’s to your Q’s

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Congratulations to KETH Young, Mrs Fix Anything, Mum to ASD/ADHD/SPD, tracey1712, millyninefive

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Spectrum Poem

Amazing Deborah Philips wrote this after watching the webinar.

I have to share as so fantastic and a wonderful summary of what you will learn.

S Give me a SCHEDULE. I need to know what’s next and when

P Give me PROCESSING TIME. I need time to understand and figure out the words to say.

E SET me up for SUCCESS. Teach me how to handle mistakes.

C Simplify COMMUNICATION for me. Slow it down. Break it down. Limit the instructions.

T Give me a TIMEFRAME. I need to know how long.

R REPEAT my ACTIVITIES. I need to learn what to expect.

U Communicate with me in a way that I can UNDERSTAND. We all think in different ways and I think visually.

M REWARD me to MOTIVATE me. I’ve worked hard to achieve these things.

The world needs all kinds of minds.

If you use the S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. strategies with me, I can participate and grow

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