SLP 047: Transition Cheat Sheets to get ready for next year

Transition Cheat Sheets

To Get Ready For Next Year


When I worked as an outreach teacher supporting students in mainstream schools. I created some easy to use cheat sheets for the staff and the students I supported. The more information we share the more we can prepare! But I found sometimes there was too much information, and much of it was not actually read or used. THE MOST popular and useful documents (according to Teachers & Assistants) were these 2 documents.

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| by Sue Larkey | This is the ideal reference for schools to successfully integrate students into the classroom. It provides easy to follow, proven strategies and worksheets to use immediately. Dr. Tony Attwood writes in the foreword: “Sue has a remarkable ability to identify and briefly explain the difficulties experienced by a child with autism in a regular classroom and to suggest realistic and practical strategies to improve abilities and behaviour. Her advice is succinct and wise.”

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  • Developing Social Skills

  • Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas

  • Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book of Ideas

  • The Early Years: The Foundations For All Learning

  • The Essential Guide to Secondary School

  • Tips for Toileting

  • Practical Sensory Programmes

  • Making it a Success

  • Practical Communication Programmes

  • Sue Larkey’s MEGA BOOK of Timesavers, Tips & Strategies for Busy and Complex Classrooms

  • Both Cook Books and Teaching Manual



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