Understanding ADHD in Girls and Woman


Uncover the hidden struggles and triumphs of women and girls with ADHD in this eye-opening book. Written by expert professionals, this comprehensive guide sheds light on the unique experiences and challenges faced by females with ADHD, providing invaluable insights and practical strategies for support and success.
Key challenges addressed in the book:
• Recognising and understanding the often-missed or misunderstood symptoms of ADHD in females
• Navigating the complex process of assessment and diagnosis for girls and young women
• Accessing essential support in educational settings to ensure academic success

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• Exploring effective treatments and their impact on overall mental health
• Harnessing the power of ADHD coaching to develop unique strengths and talents
• Addressing the specific needs of women diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood, including advice on treatment and medication
• Learning from the inspiring personal experiences of women and girls from diverse backgrounds who have thrived with ADHD