Ask Dr Tony


Tony and Craig have chosen the chapters of the book by ranking the issues which cause the most stress to someone with autism. I found it interesting just to see the topics to think about how I am addressing them as a teacher, and how I can better support students to reduce this stress to them.

These chapters serve as a GREAT reminder to put in systems and supports to reduce anxiety for people with ASD you know. I found it helpful to take a closer look at the stressors and to ask myself if I am addressing them for the kids I know. For instance, I was fascinated that 95% struggle with self-esteem and self-identity issues. Interestingly within this topic, Tony and Craig discuss homeschooling or public education – which is best?

This book plays out in a conversational style between Craig and Tony over all these different stressful situations. Craig brings personal anecdotes from his family life, asking questions and seeking solutions to common problems. It contains easy references for anyone who lives, works, or supports someone with Asperger’s.

(excerpt from Sue’s Term 3 2019 Newsletter)

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Dr Tony Attwood and Craig Evans are pleased to introduce “Ask Dr Tony” their second book together. The book is a compilation of fifty episodes of the Autism Hangout question-and-answer program video series in which Dr Tony Attwood directly addresses the most pressing questions of those touched by autism. It also includes bonus sections of questions and answers from specific groups such as parents, teachers, public servants, social workers, and more. This book is an invaluable resource to keep helpful information present and available to the public. Craig and Tony’s mutual goal? Thriving with autism!