Student Wellbeing Part 1:
Playground Plans to Create Connection for Neurodiverse Students (ASD, ADHD, ODD, PDA)

Playground plans for neurodiverse students


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Discussed in this Podcast:

✅ Importance of creating personalized playground plans with students
✅ Template to Create Playground Plans (Below)
✅ Template : Stop, Think, Do activities for problem-solving situations (Below)
✅ Importance of understanding “Dobbing” “when to tell” and “not to tell” scenarios
✅ My Daughter Eliza shares insights on how preparing for social activities can reduce anxiety
✅ Brainstorming and creating posters for social knowledge
✅ Implementing playground clubs, calm areas, or passive playgrounds
✅ Why it important to observe students’ connections and friendships during playtime
✅ Preparing students for social activities with conversation starters
✅ Introducing social skills through engaging clubs or role-playing
✅ Adjusting playground time based on individual needs
✅ Using social scripts and scenarios from the “Developing Social Skills” book

Make sure you listen to this Podcast as we go into detail about developing social skills for neurodiverse students.



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Developing Social Skills

| by Sue Larkey & Gay von Ess | A starting point for teaching and encouraging social interactions and skills for children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. It is a useful concrete and visual resource which when coupled with videoing, role playing and modeling will help young primary school age children with an autism spectrum disorder to better understand the social world around them. This book includes hundreds of ideas, social stories and worksheets. It is a great resource full of time savers for home and school.


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