Innovative Approaches to Special

Education with Principal Ruth Rogers

Innovative Special Education Techniques

Ruth Rogers and Karonga School is focused on building independence in their students focusing on the future skills their students will need. In this Podcast Ruth shares some fabulous innovations and how they are using with their students.

✅ Road Crossing

✅ Mini Woolworths

✅Imersive Classroom

✅School Dog





Installed a fully functional pedestrian crossing with traffic lights, buttons, and haptic feedback to teach road safety skills in an authentic environment.


Implemented an immersive classroom with 360-degree projection, allowing students to experience different environments, from the snow on mountain to bustling city streets.


Introduced a mini Woolworths store within the school, complete with working registers, barcodes, and a credit card system to practice shopping and customer service skills.


Recorded a 360-degree video tour of the local Woolworths for students to practice navigating and identifying products in a familiar setting.


Created a school gym with exercise equipment and punch bags to promote physical activity and prepare students for community gym memberships.


Transformed the school library into a cozy, community-style space with soft seating to foster a love for reading and model real-world library experiences.


Constructed a walking path around the school oval, with pause points, to simulate dog walking and leaflet delivery scenarios.


Utilized a portable groomer to involve students in the care and grooming of the school’s dog, teaching them responsibility and compassion.


Implemented a credit card system with barcodes for the mini Woolworths, eliminating the need for cash transactions and aligning with modern payment methods.


Incorporated cause-and-effect activities in the immersive classroom, such as making virtual snowballs or popping balloons on the projected floor.

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