Creating Behaviour Plans That Work:

50% Adult + 50% Student

Independence for Diverse Learners

Discussed in this podcast:

✅ Starting with the end in mind 

✅ The 50/50 Learning & Behaviour Plan 

✅ Modelling behaviour and demonstrating Plan B’s

✅ Encouraging independence with timers, visuals and schedules 

✅ Using 3 Rs – rewards, repetition and routines


    You will need to use a combination of strategies and while at first it may feel like YOU are doing all the work as the student learns to work with what you provide, you will do less and less and eventually move to a 50/50 approach. This is where 50% of the strategies are by the adult and 50% by the student. Children on the spectrum need to be ‘taught’ to use a combination of strategies. I have seen many examples over the years where people put in place a strategy and just expect the child to understand how to use it or what it means. The helps Fostering Independence for Diverse Learners.

    One of the key elements of a 50/50 program is teaching children to manage their own emotions. A pro-active approach to helping children with ASD, ADHD, ODD identify their ‘personal triggers’ is essential. Once you know these, it is easier to develop the ‘Strategies’ and ‘Actions’ to put in place for the individuals at home and school.


    I have designed this one pager as I think it is perfect to print off for easy access to these strategies. Don’t forget the key strategy:



    Remember it is all about Fostering Independence for Diverse Learners.

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