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Practical strategies for student engagement and connection

Top 7 Ideas from the Podcast

  1. Simple Phrases for Classroom Management A set of simple phrases to manage classroom dynamics effectively.
  2. Restorative Teaching Emphasizing self-management and relationship restoration in teaching using practical strategies for student engagement.
  3. Promoting Student Self-Regulation Strategies to develop self-regulation in students.
  4. Developing a Strong Teacher-Student Connection: Building trust and connection as a foundation for effective teaching.
  5. Incorporating Love Languages in the Classroom: Using love languages to create a sense of connection and understanding.
  6. Understanding and Utilizing the Safety Stool Concept: A tool to assess and address student needs based on neuroscience principles.
  7. Preparation for Transition and Change: Strategies to help students cope with changes and transitions.


5 Highlights with Practical Strategies for Student Engagement

  1. “Positive behaviour management skills bring joy back to teaching
  2. “We need to build up those connections before we can ask anything of the student
  3. “Understanding students’ love languages can create strong bonds.” 
  4. “The safety stool concept helps in understanding the internal and external factors affecting students.





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