Key strategies to set up ​your classroom for neurodiverse students in 2023

Perfect Classroom Preparation and Neurodiverse Learners today!

Setting up your classroom at the start of the year for a new class of neurodiverse learners is always a challenge. Not sure what ‘neurodiversity’ means? Listen to my podcast on why I love this term! I always find it is so important to prepare your classroom properly for children who learn and engage differently. This helps get the best out of your students, as well as helping to reduce behaviour.

I am hoping to help you set up your classroom with a FREE live webinar and FREE E-BOOK to make sure your 2023 is a success!

This free E-book has over 100 tips and strategies to help you this year. Make sure you download it so you can read along while I talk through it in this week’s Podcast!

What you will learn:

✅ The 13 Most Important Strategies
✅ Bonus 5 Proactive/Prevent Strategies Often Missed
✅ How To Support Motor Skills Development in A Busy Classroom (& Why it matters!)
✅ Key Elements for your Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
✅ Anxiety Management = Time Management – Top Tips
✅ Special Bonus – Key To Get the Best out of Students with ADHD
✅ 21 Surprising Ways Timers can get support Students engage & Succeed
✅ Pit Falls & Common Mistakes Made using Timers
✅ How and Why to Use Visual in Complex Classrooms.
✅ Interoception – the impact and what Educators can do about it.
✅ Solutions/Ideas to Sensory Processing Disorder or Difficulties in the Classroom
✅ 9 Essential Strategies for Homework
✅ 6 Key Strategies for Quick Results in Secondary School

Perfect Classroom Preparation and Neurodiverse Learners today!

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