How to Create a Calm Area & My Top 10 Resources Every School Needs for Emotional Regulation

Discover Calm Area Resources for Emotional Regulation today!


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This Weeks Podcast was Created after a Question from Trish:

“I am currently in the middle of setting up a calm corner/area within my senior preschool room (4-5years) my kids understand that this area is to be used when they are feeling overwhelmed or just need a little break away. Would love for ideas on what I can add to this area”

Discussed in this Podcast:

Everyone is different. When you create a calm area ask children what they would like to calm them.

Teach how to take a break and what type of break they need. Ie calm corner, toilet, drink, food & movement break.

High energy area

Sensory toys and tools 

The Space: Don’t overload the space! And make sure the space isn’t a desired play area  

1. Everyone is different

When you create a calm area ask children what they would like to calm them. 

Sue’s TOP Pick for working out different types of breaks and activities for children.

Excerpt from the Book: Strategies to Provide Support When Fast and Emotional

This Book also Includes insights for:

  • Fast and Wiggly

  • Slow and Tired


2. Teach how to take a break and what type of break they need

The Different Options of Breaks Can Include:

1. Calm Corner

2. Toilet, Drink or Food Breaks

3. Movement Breaks

3. High energy areaS 

1. Mini Trampoline


2. Circuit on Playground


3. Running


4. Hop Scotch

4. Sensory toys and tools 

Great Sensory Items:

– Body sock

– Weighted blanket /pillow

– Different textured pillows

Wooden massagers

– Squishy fidgets

This a link to my favourite sensory tools:

5. The Space

This Space Can Include: 

  • A teepee/tent

  • Private area, away from foot traffic 

  • Dark

  • Quiet (headphones a good option) 

  • Posters

  • Ergonomics

Great Sensory Tools:

Product Quantity

Wooden Massager

Wooden Massager | Beautiful and smooth with rolling ball in the middle - excellent for calming and focusing. 4.5cm diameter.

Punki Wrist Band

Punki Wrist Band | Pop on wrist or just use for fidget toy.

Smiley Face Stress Ball

Smiley Face Stress Ball | code: ST23 | Great for stress release.

Porcupine Ball

It is ideal for sensory play, as a fidget toy, supporting fine and gross motor skills. The balls are highly tactile while still being light and easy for kids to catch and throw. They have a keyring so you can attach visuals to support communication too. Useful for all ages.

Time Timer MOD

Portable and quiet with a protective cover, the Time Timer MOD is a great way to promote efficient time management at work, school and home. The Time Timer MOD is approximately 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm and suits the more ‘destructible’ child. Comes with a charcoal cover - optional coloured covers (blue, berry or green) sold separately.

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