Episode 💯: 13 Separation Anxiety Tips for Children with Special Needs

 🎉 WOOO HOOOO! Episode 💯!!! Can’t believe we’re here already!

🎉. In this week’s podcast I discuss my Top13 Tips for separation anxiety & How I use them.

🎉 As an Episode 💯 special I reached out to my online Facebook community for more advice and solutions. 

13 Separation Anxiety Tips

By Sue Larkey

Separation anxiety from people, friends, objects and pets is really common for children with special needs.

I came up with these 13 tips just for you, as well as reaching out to my online Facebook community for more examples!

1.    Transition starts the day before. I talk about this a lot – you may recognise it from my Live Virtual Events in 2020! Don’t forget I’m running these Live Virtual Events again this term!

2.    Use transitional objects. These can be from home or waiting at school.

3.    Have a routine. Stop problems before they happen!

4.    Use Time + Schedules or use a portable timer with a schedule. I’m having a SALE on timers on my website – 10% off ALL timers! CLICK HERE to see more.

5.    Exercise!

6.    Use the stepladder approach. Step by step help children become more used to situations where they might feel separation anxiety. Check out THIS PODCAST which is a great example of a step by step approach.

7.    Allow for checking, stimming and scripting. This is often important part of a child’s routine to reduce anxiety – don’t rush them!

8.    Use social scripts to equip the child. CLICK HERE for more information.

9.    Create a Separation Plan. Make sure everyone is aware of it.

10.    Teach emotional regualtion. Check out my Emotional Regulation Masterclass HERE!

11.    Have a communication plan.

12.    Use a combination of strategies! You know what I say: to know someone with autism is not to know autism. Not every strategy will work for every child!

13.    GO with your GUT!!

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