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Learn how to Manage a Busy and Complex Classroom Today!

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What Will You Learn in the Webinar?

 Key Limitations in Inclusive Classrooms & How to Address

 Theory of Mind & Impact in your classroom

 3 Essential Requirements for Success in Busy Classrooms

 Tips to Promoting Understanding in your class

 What is Neurodiversity & How does that look for your students?

 Smart Goals and Why Important

 11 Top Tips to Keep Neurodiverse Students on Task in Busy & Complex classrooms

Manage a Busy and Complex Classroom Today!


📌 Remembering students can learn by watching peers.

 😀 I need to use more repetition. Make sure I set up for success and use preventative breaks.  

Simplify my tasks and expectations in a session. Make sure student achieves task or section completion

📌 Back chaining as a strategy

️ Use students desire for repetition to your advantage, not always new topics and activities. 

📌 Modify so that they can experience finishing/completing tasks to get sense of achievement.

Reduce anxiety is #1. 

😀 To take baby steps and break tasks down into baby steps (for me and my students)

⭐️ Allow students to watch others to start a task

🙋🏼️ Teach to ask peers for help ‘Ask 2, then me.’

😀 Purpose of limited choices.

Include teaching about diversity in class

️ Utilising peer support 

⭐️ Smaller, achievable steps.

📌 Circle for mistakes is an opportunity to learn, try again, edit and correct 

⭐️ Routine is key foundation

💙 Correcting mistakes – look it up, fix it up, ask a friend 

👍🏼 Adaption of work prior to task being done, using more repetition 

 📌Mind my language – Don’t use could, would, can and no

💜 Partner students rather than working in a group 

⭐️ Remind teachers to use peers as examples of work

WHy Is The ONE HOUR WOrth Your Time?

The feedback has been amazing.

😀 Sue has so much wisdom to share. Really enjoyed it.
So fast paced- an hour of power on steroids.. Thank you.
Fantastic! So much useful information and so many useful tips/strategies.
📌 Thank you once again for sharing your amazing knowledge!

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