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In this Podcast Sue goes through questions from a live audience providing tips, strategies and ideas on how to make a difference helping you and the kids you know.

Webinar Replay QnA Questions Answered:

  1. How Do You Introduce Visuals
  2. How Do You Stop Soiling
  3. How Do I Stop Injury type behaviour, whether it is sensory seeking or a form of self harm?
  4. How Do I transition Students?
  5. Where do I sit a student that is a runner?
  6. What do I do to support a Student that is rubbing themselves?
  7. The School doesn’t sort students into Classes until week 3 or 5 increasing anxiety in my kids, how do I approach the school to change this?
  8. Which books are the best for a kindergarten teacher?
  9. How Do I help a child that constantly licks everything?
  10. How do I help with Anxiety?
  11. What’s the best way to transition students in a multiclass mainstream school?
  12. Can you provide strategies to motivate students who are avoiding tasks?
  13. How Do You Carry on Teaching when a Child is engaged in their own activity and is quite loud?
  14. How Do I give tips to parents?
  15. How Do You Introduce Neuro-Diverse Students who are not familar with being and staying in a Classroom Setting?

Tune in to learn from the Webinar Replay QnA!


Products Mentioned in Q&A

  • Practical Sensory Programmes

  • The Early Years: The Foundations For All Learning

  • Wooden Massager

  • Time Timer – 20cm Medium

  • Time Timer – 7.6cm Small

  • Developing Social Skills

  • From Anxiety to Meltdown

  • Time Timer PLUS

  • Sue Larkey’s MEGA BOOK of Timesavers, Tips & Strategies for Busy and Complex Classrooms


Sue Larkey’s MEGA BOOK of Timesavers, Tips & Strategies for Busy and Complex Classrooms

A MEGA book full of my most Popular Blogs, Tip Sheets and more in one easy to use reference! This book is for all ages and stages, for teaching neurodiverse students including Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ODD, PDA and more!

Includes index to quickly look up Topic & Tips, as well as ideas for all parts of teaching and looking after neurodiverse children. 142 pages of Strategies & Tips at YOUR Fingertips.