Understanding ADHD

Insights from Clinic Psychologist Joanne Steer plus Bella shares her Lived Experience of ADHD

Understanding ADHD in Girls


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Discussed in this Podcast:

✅ Fostering Open Communication and Understanding of ADHD by using picture book
✅When and why to tell children about ADHD
✅ Recognizing the Unique Challenges of ADHD in Girls and Women
✅ Strategies for Supporting Girls with ADHD in the Classroom
✅ Fostering Open Communication and Understanding of ADHD by using picture book
✅ Collaborating with Girls to Develop Individualized Support Plans
✅ Prioritizing Mental Health and Well-being for Students with ADHD
✅Plus special guest Bella. Bella shares her lived experience of ADHD. Bella is my amazing Social Media Manager.

Make sure you listen to this Podcast as each step is discussed in detail including understanding ADHD in girls.


Why and How to Talk to children about ADHD

  • It’s about helping those children understand themselves
  • The earlier you can understand that some of the things that are really tough for you are not because you’re a bad person or that you’re naughty or difficult, they’re just because your brain works a bit differently.
  • Give them the language and the confidence, but also show them that this is acceptable. You know, you don’t need to be embarrassed about this.
  • Utilise resources like picture books to help children understand their ADHD and open up conversations.

My Unique ADHD World

As a primary school teacher, understanding and supporting students with ADHD is crucial for creating an inclusive and nurturing classroom environment. The picture book “They just don’t get it!” can be a valuable resource in helping you gain insight into the experiences and challenges faced by students with ADHD.

By exploring the book with your student, you can foster a compassionate and empathetic approach to their unique needs. The book acknowledges that everyone has strengths and difficulties, and it highlights the special strengths that often come with ADHD. This positive perspective can help boost your student’s self-esteem and confidence, allowing them to feel more comfortable in the classroom setting.


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Tips & Strategies for Teachers of ADHD in Girls

1.  Have conversations with girls about their ADHD experience and involve them in developing support plans.
2. Use subtle redirection techniques, like a secret code or tap on the desk, to refocus girls without embarrassing them.
3. Provide homework instructions in writing or via email rather than just verbally.
4. Offer homework support through school clubs or alternate arrangements.
5. Implement a whole-school approach to mental health, with targeted group work and class discussions.
6. Provide training for teachers on having conversations about mental health and ADHD.
8. Foster a supportive environment among school staff to enhance their capacity to support students.
9. Utilize resources like picture books to help children understand their ADHD and open up conversations.
10. Collaborate with parents to understand the child’s behaviour at home and develop consistent strategies.


Understanding ADHD in Girls and Woman

Uncover the hidden struggles and triumphs of women and girls with ADHD in this eye-opening book. Written by expert professionals, this comprehensive guide sheds light on the unique experiences and challenges faced by females with ADHD, providing invaluable insights and practical strategies for support and success.
Key challenges addressed in the book:
• Recognising and understanding the often-missed or misunderstood symptoms of ADHD in females
• Navigating the complex process of assessment and diagnosis for girls and young women
• Accessing essential support in educational settings to ensure academic success


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