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Strategies to Navigate Challenges & Foster Success – Insights from Dream Team

(Lived Experience, Teacher, Teacher Assistant & Parent)

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Teacher Assistant Success Strategies

Discussed in this Episode:

✅    Be a Translator: “Bridging the Gap” – Act as a translator between the student and the world around them.

✅    Build Positive Bonds: “Embrace the Connection” – Encourage healthy relationships and bonds with the student.

✅    Provide Familiarity: “A Rock in the Storm” – Serve as a consistent and familiar presence in the midst of change and unpredictability.

✅    Support, Not Replace: “Enhance, Not Erase” – Enhance the work of the teacher, but do not replace their role as the primary instructor.

✅    Collaborate: “United We Succeed” – Work together with the teacher as a team, focusing on the common goal of supporting the student.

✅    Tap into Creativity: “Think Outside the Box” – Contribute creative ideas and approaches to support the student’s learning and engagement.

✅    Facilitate Connections: “Bridge the Divide” – Help facilitate positive social connections between the student and their peers.

✅    Empower Student Choice:- As the student gets older, empower them to have a say in how they access and utilize their TA support.

✅    Protect Thriving Areas: “Preserve the Positives” – When withdrawing students for additional support, avoid taking them out of classes where they thrive and engage well.

✅    Share Your Knowledge: “Wisdom Unleashed” – Teacher Assistants often have deep knowledge about the student, so share this wisdom with the teacher to help inform their approach and strategies.

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✅ 4 Key Skills to Foster Success

✅ Key Strategies to build independence in students

✅ Tips for engaging and supporting neurodiverse students, including understanding
individual needs and adapting strategies accordingly
✅ Why do you often see challenging behaviour and what to do
✅ How to develop social skills and social understanding among students
✅ How to support students to engage with peers
✅How to foster an inclusive and positive learning environment for all students
✅ Strategies for ALL ages and stages and More

teacher assistant free e-book 

You Will Learn:   

✅ Top 10 Tips to Stay on Task

✅ 12 Key Strategies for Success

✅ 7 Considerations for Supporting Students

✅ Top Tips to Support Social Skills

✅ 10 Tips to Remember when Teaching Social Skills

✅ 10 Ways to Use Cooking to Teach

✅ Tips for Supporting Students Who Are Not Focusing or Following Directions

✅ Behaviour

✅ 11 Key Strategies for Understanding Behaviour


Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book of Ideas

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Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas

| by Sue Larkey & Anna Tullemans | Hundreds of ideas you can try. Setting up the classroom, the role of the teacher assistant, behaviour in the classroom and playground, stages of anxiety, transition, sensory toys and activities. Includes frequently asked questions and MORE!

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Discussed in this Episode:

✅ Time is the Number one Accommodation and Adjustment every classroom needs to puts in place

✅ 4 Types of Schedules 

✅ Why you need a range of Schedules

✅ Why knowing how long is so important

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