Episode 124: Teacher Assistant Tips for Supporting Learning at School and Home – Your Questions Answered


What you can learn in this podcast

✅ Swearing – What you can do?
✅ Motivating & Stretching students
✅ Building Rapport with students & what to do if they don’t want help
✅ How to frame things in positive
✅ How to reduce overwhelm
How to engage students in lockdown / learning from home
✅ How to build confidence and accept making mistakes

This podcast includes the answers to these questions asked by you! Don’t forget to sign up to the Sue Larkey Podcast Community to ask your questions!

Teacher Assistant Course Part 2 “Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Neurodiverse Students”

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Episode 83: Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week

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This podcast is aimed at Teacher Assistants and covers:

★     Impulse Control
★     Hygiene
★     Replacing Behaviours
★     Working with Oppositional Children
★     Behaviour Meltdowns
★     Sensory Meltdowns and Tantrums
★     Working with Teachers who aren’t Following IEPs
★     Trauma
★     Shutdowns
★     Working with Relief Staff
★     What to do when Students Say Inappropriate Comments
★     Post-School Options
★     And HEAPS more!

Episode 38: Teacher Assistant Apprecation Week

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Celebrating Teacher Assistant Appreciation week.
Some Q & A and general information for Teachers Assistants or as I like to call them my ‘Angels’.

★     Why having a good Teacher Assistant means you have a good Year
★     The benefits of Teacher Assistants – THANK YOU

Episode 17: 29 Ways for Teacher Assistants to Support Students

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Teacher assistants, school support officers, teacher aides etc. – you are angels in disguise and we thank you for all your hard work with our ASD students. You are usually the person that the student with ASD may develop a great mentoring relationship with, so it is important that you start off on the ‘right foot’.

This podcast includes:

★    10 Top Tips to support your Student to Stay on Task
★     12 Key Strategies for Teacher Assistants
★     7 Considerations for Supporting Students


Episode 73: Top Tips for Social Skills & Return to School Post Lockdown

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Discussed in this episode:

★     Complexity of returning to School for Neurodiverse Students
★     Social Anxiety many children / students are Experiencing and what to do
★     Why Social Skills need to be taught to the whole Class and Family & why only teaching the Neurodiverse Child is a flawed Model
★     What to do – top 10 Tips to develop Social Skills acrosses ages and stages
  • Teacher Assistants Big Red Book of Ideas

  • Teacher Assistants Big Blue Book of Ideas

  • Behaviour Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

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    The Early Years: The Foundations For All Learning

  • The Kids Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control

  • The Essential Guide to Secondary School

  • The Motor Skill Flip-Book Program


  • The Kids’ Guide to Getting Your Words on Paper



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