Webinar replay – How to include social emotional learning programs for neurodiverse students in busy, complex classrooms

This podcast contains Effective Social Emotional Learning strategies


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What You Will Learn in this Webinar

Social Emotional Learning strategies

✅ What to Teach, How to Teach, When to Teach: Ideas and Strategies for teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

✅ Improved Learning Outcomes: Two-thirds of students enhance their performance with the addition of an SEL program

🎉 SEL Secret: Discover the one thing about Social Emotional Learning wished to be known 20 years ago

✅ Key Teaching Methods: Apply four strategies to teach students how to cope with losing, missing out, or not getting what they want

✅ Practical Tips: Gain useful advice for implementing SEL in the classroom

✅ Effective Social Emotional Learning strategies

who is it for

The webinar is aimed at primary-aged educators, but everyone is welcome.


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