SLP 058: Graduate Deep Dive into Understanding Behaviour

Graduate Deep Dive into Understanding Behaviour

Discussed in this episode

This Podcast is a special podcast for Graduates of mine or Dr Tony Attwood’s Courses. (Face to Face or Online Courses)

In this Podcast I want to give you tips and strategies to create a calm classroom.

If you haven’t received the  E-book “A Guide to Understanding Behaviour” and are a Graduate of Tony or my courses please email [email protected] and we will send you the link to access them.

The reason I have put together this Podcast & Special Understanding Behaviour  E-book is more and more educators who come to my workshops or connect with me online say Sue this stuff is all great ,but I am teaching the most complex class I have ever taught. More kids with neuro-diversity than ever, and the most challenging behaviour I have ever taught. I am exhausted. I have got so much I need to do in my classroom and then I have all this behaviour… what can I do?

Well you are not alone

4% of NSW Public School students received short term suspensions last year

and 1.5 % LONG term between 3- 20 days

AND 1 in 4 happened in their FIRST 3 years of Primary School.

For me… those stats are scarey! And I want to change that and I am sure you do too.

Honestly, I think the reason we have the Stats is the schools current policies, procedures are NOT working!

I hear from teachers all the time things are getting more complex.

Join me on this Podcast where we dive in deep to Understanding Behaviour


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