SLP 042 Bedwetting and Nighttime Toileting advice and strategies

Bedwetting and Nighttime

Toileting advice and strategies 


Nocturnal enuresis is involuntary urination while asleep. This can be very challenging for kids with autism, and their families and carers. Most kids aren’t able to stay dry through the night until they’re 5 or older because their bladders are too small, they lack muscle control, or they sleep too soundly to sense when their bladders are full. The best thing for you and your family to do would be to try to tackle nighttime toileting. However, I am aware that some of you have tried everything available and had no luck. I have put some bedding strategies below to try and make it slightly more manageable.

Over the years I have found that nighttime toileting and sleep issues are often interconnected, so I have put some strategies for sleep below. PLEASE remember that a combination of strategies is often the best way forward!

Tips for Toileting

| by Jo Adkins & Sue Larkey | A guide for parents and professionals toilet training children with an autism spectrum disorder. Contents include: When to start toilet training, getting started, the use of rewards, techniques, dealing with accidents, sensory issues, bowel motions, generalising, night time training, frequently asked questions, pages of visuals all ready for you to cut out and use! And lots more! 60 pages of helpful hints and ideas.


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