Principal Shares – Setting Up a Hub For Neurodiverse Students – Amazing Whole School Initiative

Hub For Neurodiverse Students

This week’s Podcast is an interview with Principal Renea Dunleavy. She shares about a fantastic initiative at her school –  “The Hub.” From anchor points for high-needs children to structured starts that set the tone for the day, they have reduced anxiety and school refusal, clearing the path to educational success. Renae shares insights and strategies for fostering a positive learning environment. This initiative is a testament to the power of effective classroom behaviour management and student engagement. By implementing innovative strategies, we’ve seen a transformation in how our students interact and learn.


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The Hub Initiative in St. Patrick’s School Key Take Aways:

  • Effective Classroom Behaviour Management

    • Innovative strategies for managing classroom behavior
    • Enhancing student engagement
  • Anchor Points for High-Needs Children

    • Structured start to the day
    • Reducing anxiety and school refusal
  • Roadmaps as Daily Guides

    • Social scripts for daily routines
    • Stability and predictability for students
  • Springboards for Skill Building

    • Timetabled sessions for behavioural and emotional skills development
    • Impact of the skill-building approach
  • Regular Check-Ins and Regulation Breaks

    • Importance of scheduled breaks for regulation
    • Prevention of reactive situations
  • Whole-School Consistent Language and Expectations

    • School-wide uniform rules and language
    • Reduction of confusion and anxiety
  • Personalized Plans for Each Child

    • Individualized approaches for specific needs
    • Importance of continuity across school years
  • Check Engine for Optional Support

    • Safety net for students seeking help
    • Promotion of self-regulation and support systems


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