Sue Larkey’s Expert Series: Preparing for Post School – Tips for Navigating University & College for Diverse Students with College Founder Dr. Perry LaRoque

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Expert Guest: Dr. Perry LaRoque is the founder and president of Mansfield Hall, an innovative residential college support program for diverse learners. He earned his doctorate in special education from the University of Wisconsin and has served in a variety of leadership roles serving at-risk youth and people with disabilities. Before returning for his doctoral work, Dr. LaRoque worked in an assisted-living care facility for adults with intellectual disabilities and taught special education in several public schools.

In this interview, Dr. Perry LaRoque will talk about Preparing for Life After School, including:

The “tsunami” of students entering college with disabilities in the years to come and what can be done to prepare for this.

✅ How colleges and universities meet the needs of diverse learners.

The need to view disability as diversity – institutions have made great strides in recognising the need for diversity, but the one area they still have not truly recognised are those will disabilities.

✅ To what extent do colleges and universities need to make adjustments?

✅  How students with disabilities can receive an extra level of support, when there’s not a lot of funding for this.

✅  Strategies students can use to make the college/university system work for them – these students often come from a structured support system in high school, but they will find that level of support is not there in college — how can they embrace the concept of hidden rules?

✅ Preparing for Post School Options, whether University or Work.


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