Updating the red beast:  Kay Al-Ghani on making her best selling book more diverse, inclusive and effective

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1. It is more inclusive – The original book was written for children with Asperger Syndrome, the new addition aims to reach most children on the Autism Spectrum.

We know that the idea of a Red Beast is usually understood by children with Asperger’s, however, other children with Autism may take the metaphor quite literally and become distressed at the thought of a real beast inside of them.

The addition of the sentence “Let’s imagine that… “ at the start of the story means you can discuss the idea that the beast is not real – it is imaginary, pretend or make believe.

2. The new illustrations are more inclusive of typical children – so the child has a chance to see the behaviour of the angry boy in the playground from the perspective of their peers.

Old Version

New Version

3.Character names have been changed to be gender neutral and therefore more inclusive; so it’s now Danni & Charlie instead of Rufus and John.

Old Version

New Edition

4.  It has taken into account pupil’s perspectives. After going into schools, Kay learnt that many children disliked the picture of the Red Beast being caught in a net as it made the adults seems aggressive and uncaring. This has now been updated so the teachers are using gentle handling instead . 

Old Version

New Edition

| by K.I. Al-Ghani | This vibrant, fully illustrated children’s storybook is written for children aged 5+, and is an accessible, fun way to talk about anger, with useful tips about how to tame the red beast and guidance for parents on how anger affects children with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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Let’s imagine that………………….

Activities to Promote Understanding of the Concept: to Imagine/ pretend/ make-believe.

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The Red Beast

| by K.I. Al-Ghani | This vibrant, fully illustrated children's storybook is written for children aged 5+, and is an accessible, fun way to talk about anger, with useful tips about how to tame the red beast and guidance for parents on how anger affects children with Asperger's Syndrome.

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Are You Feeling Cold, Yuki?

A fun and enlightening book to explain interoception to children. Often such a misunderstood fundamental cause of many 'out of sorts' behaviours. Beautifully explained and Illustrated book to help everyone understand this vital concept. - Sue Larkey

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This very practical workbook shows Danni coming to terms with the reasons for his angry outbursts and learning ways to control his Red Beast.

Included are a number of black & white illustrations from the new edition that are excellent for discussion times – the children can colour them in as you talk about the content – very therapeutic.

Suitable for ages 5 to 10.

6 in stock

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