How to Help Children Manage their Emotions with Lauren Brukner

This week on the podcast I have the lovely Lauren Brukner. I am sure many of you have heard of Lauren or have her books in your school or home library, but for those who haven’t Lauren is a wonderful author.

In my interview with Lauren we discuss:

✅ Lauren’s four ways of labelling our feelings
✅ Different stages on Lauren’s “continuum of self-regulation”
✅ Importance of empowering the child to communicate their needs and design their own strategies
✅ Invaluable insight into the content in Lauren’s four books

Her bestselling emotional regulation series contains four books providing awesome strategies to help children stay in control and keep calm!

What I love about Lauren’s books is that they contain awesome visuals and tips ready to be used in the classroom or at home.

Here is a peek at the episode …

>> [2:00] Lauren shares why she wrote her first book … “I saw that children were being told how they were feeling by the adults in their life…. With little to no effect”.

>> [4:30] Sue and Lauren share ideas on how to adapt Lauren’s strategies “Thats what I love about teachers, you take all these amazing ideas that I would never think of”

>> [10:00] Lauren explains her four ways of labelling feelings

>> [12:00] Lauren explains ‘Anywhere Body Breaks’ e.g. the Finger Pull from one of her amazing books. See more examples of pages in Lauren’s books below

>> [13:45] Sue describes the importance of Lauren’s strategies “it’s sort of giving them a formula what to do, and then, as you say, it makes them feel in control”

>> [18:00] Lauren provides tips for non-verbal kids

>> [20:00] Sue comments on the importance of taking breaks “if you make it fun, the truth is they feel better after!”

>> [20:45] Lauren explains the use of tools e.g. fidget

>> [22:00] Lauren emphasises the importance of children being empowered to design their own strategies

>> [25:00] Sue and Lauren discuss how and why to avoid transitions 


I know you’re going to fall in love with Lauren and find so much value in her expert advice and guidance.

Want Access to a transcript of the podcast episode?

Books mentioned in this episode:

For more details on the types of amazing tips and strategies which are included in the books, I have included some images of pages from Lauren’s Books! Hope this helps

  • The Kids Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control

  • How to be a Superhero called Self-Control

  • Stay Cool and In Control With The Keep-Calm Guru

  • Self-Control to the Rescue



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