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Free Webinars

Sue Larkey (All Ages and Early Learning) and Tony Attwood free webinars are currently available. All Webinars provide proven strategies for teachers, parents and professionals working with children from Pre-School, Primary, High School and even Adults. Like Sue’s and Tony’s Live Workshops the examples given cater for all these different circumstances.

Both Sue’s Teaching Strategies & Behaviour Support webinars and Dr Tony Attwood’s webinars compliment each other with very little overlap. For a Full and Comprehensive understanding of ASD we recommend both.

The NEW Early Years webinar is all new content and is aimed at children under 6 years of age in an Early Childhood Setting. Whereas Sue’s Teaching Strategies & Behaviour Support webinar is aimed at all ages, stages and settings.

Sue Larkey – How to Increase Engagement & Participation in Students on the Autism Spectrum (Without the Stress or Crazy Overwhelm)

In this Webinar you will learn
– Key Strategies to Increase Engagement and Participation
– Increase Understanding of How Children/Students with ASD Learn
– How to Use Schedules for the child you know.
– Strategies for Communication
– Practical Tool for Time Management
– Using the Special Interests

Tony Attwood – How to Recognise ASD and What to Do (Without “Pictures of the Brain” or Jargon)
In this Webinar you will learn:
– The seven parts of the Criteria for diagnosis of ASD and what the means
– Profile of Abilities of Girls – The Mask, Hiding Tactics
– Profile of Abilities of Girls with ASD

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Sue Larkey – How to Teach Children Who Learn & Engage Differently In Early Childhood

In this Webinar you will learn:
– Understanding Different Learning Styles
– How to adapt activities to meet ALL children’s learning needs
– 5 Key Ways to make Learning Fun
– Strategies to help children with separation anxiety
– Embracing difference to make a difference
– Strategies to increase engagement and participating during mat time
– The ONE strategy I wish I knew years ago for helping children with fine motor skills

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