Episode 63: How and Why to Use Visuals

Discussed in this episode

Children on the autism spectrum often can struggle with processing verbal or written cues. This is why it can be so effective to use visuals when teaching students with autism. Visuals include real objects, parts of objects or remnants (e.g. empty packet of sultanas), photographs of the actual object, photographs of similar objects, drawings, computer generated symbols (e.g. Boardmaker, Pics for PECS) and written words.

This weeks competition winners!

Amy Lea Cummings – winner of online course

Dani McCann winner of either Essential Guide/Ultimate Guide

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Resources Mentioned in this Podcast & For Recommended for anyone who is isolating or Schools Closed

Time Timers: Invaluable to help scheduling. http://suelarkey.com.au/timers/

Visual Learning. Book with pre made visual worksheets http://suelarkey.com.au/product/visual-learning/
Pics for PECS. 2000 Visuals. Saves hours of time sourcing and much cheaper than other products. http://suelarkey.com.au/product/pics-for-pecs-cd/
Social Stories. http://suelarkey.com.au/social-skills-and-play/

More Fabulous Visual resources

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