Top tips for teaching social emotional learning to increase engagement and participation in a busy & complex classroom

Teaching social skills

Social skills are not easy to teach as they are complex and so much depends on ‘reading’ an individual and adjusting to the individual situation as it evolves. We often do not realise exactly what is involved in a social skill but we immediately recognise when it is absent. When teaching social behaviours and skills to students with AS many of us fall into the trap of assuming knowledge on the person with AS’s part e.g. we fail to realise that the young child will not know that one greets friends in a different way to the school principal or even the child will understand what the word ‘greet’ means. It is commonly known that children with AS are socially naive and have the social awareness, without necessarily the quality, of a child two or three years younger than they are.


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What’s included

✅ Complexity of Social Skills

✅ Top 10 Tips to Remember When Teaching Social Skills

✅ Making Friends and Being One

✅ The Friendship Funnel

✅ Solutions and Strategies for Common Playground Behaviours

✅ Tips to Set Up Lunchtime Clubs

✅ Theory of Mind

✅Teaching social skills

✅ Recommended Resources

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Teaching social skills

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