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What People Say About Sue’s Tip Sheets & E-Newsletter

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your e-newsletters.
I love all the tips you give – they are so “user friendly” and are given in everyday language. I am an Inclusion Support Facilitator, and as part of my role I work with educators towards building inclusive environments for all children. I am always using the information in your e-newsletters in my work and I encourage all of my services to subscribe themselves.
Thanks for all the great information you share.

Billie-Jeanne Steffensen Inclsuion & Professional Support Program


I have always found your information most helpful and your resources would be the first things I would look at if I needed help with ASD, due to your
extensive experience in helping teachers at a grass roots (not just theory) level. — Kath Dice, LAST Coffs Harbour


Dear Sue
Thank you for your email. I am starting a new job next week with WA’s school of special educational needs and disability on the autism team, so I’m really excited and looking forward to it. My role will be to go into schools and support teachers and EA’s with those more challenging behaviours exhibited by children with ASD. So any information or reading you can recommend on those more extreme behaviours would be very useful. I have kept everything you send as you never know when you need something different to what you already know. It’s good to have a bank of strategies to use. Thank you for all you support and I look forward to a great 2015 too!

Kind regards,
Amanda Gorst


Hi Sue
I’m an OT and always love your newsletters and I recommend that parents and teachers go on your email list. More ideas for schools for morning tea and lunch would be great. Some of the schools in Melbourne are doing “computer clubs” and “quiet clubs” where kids play lego but it would be good if there were some ideas for kids to do some active play that isn’t socially challenging. I’d love to hear your ideas.
Thanks again


I am fairly new to working with students with an ASD and have loved your newsletters. The students I work with all have intellectual disabilities together with ASD, not sure if you have ideas or suggestions for working with these kids.
I am an Art teacher and work with students from age 5-18.
Thank you
Delwyn Castellano


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