Complete Sue Larkey Term 3 2017 Newsletter

Many of you would have heard me say ‘It takes a community to raise a child with ASD’. It is the support from home, school and the wider community that can truly make a difference – and make it a success. I strongly believe that UNDERSTANDING is a key element of this. In this Newsletter I have included a range of tips, information and resources to help you support the children you know with autism spectrum disorder: 

  • Using fidget tools and how to introduce to whole class, family, etc.
  • Increasing and supporting communication.
  • How and why to use visuals. 
  • 17 tips to develop a good relationship between home and school.
  • Using social scripts to help understanding of social rules and situations.

Contents of Newsletter 13 pages

  • Understanding Sensory 2
  • Using Breaks as a Tool 3
  • Five Key Steps to Developing Self-Calming Strategies 3
  • Great Resources for Sensory 4
  • Using Communication Temptations to Motivate Communication 5
  • NEW Online Learning 9
  • How and Why to Use Visuals 10 Developing a Good Relationship Between Home and School 11
  • Using Social Scripts 12
  • Upcoming Workshops 13

To give you even more resources  you will be able to also read the Term 1 and Term 2 Newsletters from 2017 when you sign up. Those links will be at the top of the Term 3 newsletter page.


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