8 Key Strategies for Working with Families

8 Key Strategies for Working with FamiliesIn my experience successful education for a child with ASD starts with a positive working relationship between home and school. One of the biggest challenges for parents/carers and teachers is to develop an effective relationship. It is in the interest of everyone involved – child, staff and families – that we create a positive partnership. This is created through teamwork, meetings, clear goals, regular communication and learning together.

When I looked back at who had attended my sessions I found a MISSING LINK! So few parents compared to teachers and teacher assistants. In 2016 I would love to see at my sessions ‘Dream Teams’: The Teacher, Teacher Assistant and Parents/Carers coming together for the overall benefit of the child with ASD.

“We are parents of 7 year old ASD boy. We have gone away with so much more knowledge and resources.” Olivia

8 Key Strategies for Working with Families

  1. Team work is the key to achieving desired outcomes. We are all on the same side. We all have the best interest of the child at heart. When we have the attitude that we are all on the same team, the child’s team we view everything differently.
  2. Share information, brainstorm ideas and learn together.
  3. Ask questions. You should never be ashamed to ask questions. We are all there to help the child through life.
  4. Brain storm ideas. Remember not every strategy works for every child so it is good to have a few ideas to try.
  5. Keep it real. Be brave and honest about the child and their requirements.
  6. Remember the child may act differently at home and at school.
  7. Respect each other! Be appreciative of each other’s efforts.
  8. Ensure the child and family develop a good relationship with the Principal. An informed Principal can support staff, student and families. They can be a good mediator when issues arise at school and find resolutions whether it is funding, behaviour or breakdown in communication. Principals tend to be constant in schools, whereas teachers can change each year. When the Principal is on side everything else will flow. Remember usually on a bad day the child gets sent to the Principal who needs to understand the child for this to be an effective strategy.
    Excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to School and Home by Sue Larkey and Anna Tullemans, page 113.


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8 Tips for Working With Families

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