Term 4 = Change, Concerts, Excursions, Holidays – 12 Tips

End of YearFor Schools: Concerts, Exams, Tests, Excursions, Transition to New Class/School, Orientation days and more.

For Families: Holidays, Preparing for new teachers, Family Visitors, Christmas, New Year and more.

12 Essential Tips Concerts & End of Year Celebrations

1.    Use Schedules, Calendars, Diaries to forewarn about upcoming events

2.    Photos: Take Photographs or find pictures of people, places. Take Photos of teacher for next year AND the students in their class. (Likewise: Take Photos of relatives coming to stay)

Give the child a Job!    camera

Taking photos for the newsletter is effective or videoing the concerts for the class to watch. 

3.    Use Timers: Letting them know how long the Assembly, Concert or Activity will go for will make a huge difference to their anxiety levels. (If activities run overtime allow them to leave if they have stayed for the set time)

Sue Larkey Timers

4.    Give a JOB. In the concert let them be the stage hand, the door keeper. The school photographer. The more focused and clear their JOB the less stress.

5.    Limit their choices and be very specific with choices. (ie: sit at end of row, not anywhere in hall!)

6.    Give something in their hands as usually calm best when have something in their hands. Fidget Tools ACTUALLY CALM THE CHILD and may improve concentration and focus

Something in hands or to fit in a pocket for long sitting periods can be wonderful

Fidget Tools

For More great Fidget toys  suelarkey.com.au/fidget-tools/

7.    Avoid verbal overload. Use visuals to support verbal and give only one instruction at a time.

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